Coronavirus is surely impacting our lives, and we will have to deal with situation for a supposed long period so it’s better to start knowing how to effectively behave.

We’ve already talked about how to prevent coronavirus with nutrition, now we’re going to talk about how to use the personal protective equipment. It’s important to understand that we can help each other also with this small precautions. 


The mask should be put above mouth AND nose, to prevent both the entrance of the virus and the spread of it through droplets. The best masks are the one with filter, but these latter are more recommended for who’s in direct contact with infected people. Regardless of the type of mask, it should be put on with cleaned hands, touching just the elastic; the same should be done during the removal, then wash the reusable masks after utilization with a sanitizer and throw away the single use one. 


It has been seen that Covid-19 can survive upon different surfaces for several hours. The utilization of gloves prevents the touch of these surfaces with bare hands, but this should be accompanied by not touching the face or anything else we would then touch with bare hands without first sanitizing them. So what steps should we do to put gloves on?

1-wash your hands or sanitize them with a gel

2-put gloves on

3-avoid touching face/mask or personal objects if not necessary(like mobile phone)

4-remove gloves tearing from the wrist to the top of the fingers and throw them away

(5-sanitize personal objects if any contact occurred with gloves on)

6-wash your hands 

Hoping these tips will help, stay safe!