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A practical and tested method for the treatment of chronic problems and to manage patients’ healing phases using an approach based on data from precision medicine.

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The European INstitUte of Molecular Medicine (EINUMM) is a non-profit organization that aims to spread concepts and tools that benefit patients and the health system in addressing Chronic Diseases.

Our goal is to disseminate the medical model of Precision Medicine, the approach that puts the patient at the center of healthcare. Integrating cutting-edge Systems Biology tools in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. We aim to improve health, clinical effectiveness, quality of life and longevity.


Test Numex

EINUMM developed the Numex Test by analysing and studying the data collected in a study of more than 25 years.



A practical and tested method for the treatment of chronic problems…


Food Pyramid

The food pyramid is a graphic expedient to explain to the people what foods to prefer…


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